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Gate Installation

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Do you have a driveway gate? Are you interested in getting a driveway gate?

  If you live in the area of Sunland, California then there is only one choice when you need a gate company and that is our company at Sunland Automatic Gate Repair. We can install a gate for you. We can repair gates. We even provide gates and all of their parts. We are the best in the area. We are dependable, we only do high quality work and we are always here when you call. Our 24 hour emergency gate

Gate Installation

service assures that if you call, we will answer. Give us a call and tell us what we can do for you.

Do you plan on replacing your out of style wrought iron gate with solid sliding gates? We are the pros to call for the job and present clients with the best options available along with quick and fast new gate installation. Allow us to offer you the best gate maintenance service too. Due to extensive training, experience, and knowledge our meticulous and thorough maintenance checks keep your gate and its parts functioning perfectly. If your gate won’t open or close properly call us right away for professional gate repair. You will surely be happy with our phenomenal services like our many satisfied customers who have been using and recommending us through the years.

Our Gate Installation Sunland offers a gate opener installation service that cannot be beat.  If you do not have a gate opener then you do not know what you are missing. Gate openers are the best addition to any driveway gate. Gates can be heavy and also be a real pain if you have to get out and open and close the gate every time that you want to leave. With an opener you can stay in your vehicle and open and close the gate from there. We provide the following openers.

  •     ELITE
  •     All O MATIC
  •     RAMSET
  •     DOORKING
  •     EAGLE
  •     FAAC
  •     GTO PRO
  •     RENO
  •     LINEAR
  •     VIKING

Our Automatic Gate Repair Sunland also has a gate exit sensor installation that we can do for residential and commercial customers. We can repair an opener for you also. It does not matter if it is an opener that we installed or not, we can still come out and do gate troubleshooting and repair the problem for you.

A very popular service that our Gate Installation Sunland can do for you is our new gate installation. If you are in the market for a driveway gate then we are the company that can do it for you.  We have many different kinds of gates for you to choose from. We have great residential gates as well as commercial gates. These gates are well made and will stand up for a lot of wear and tear and last a long time. Here is a list of some of the gates we can make and install for you:

  •     swing gates
  •     sliding gates
  •     wrought iron gates
  •     iron gates
  •     custom made pedestrian gates
  •     walk throw gates
  •     driveway gates
  •     parking garage gates
  •     electric gates
  •     automatic driveway gates
  •     barrier arm gates
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