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How Safe Are Driveway Gates?

11/12/2013 Back To Blog

You might be thinking about installing a driveway gate on your property. With all of the different types and designs available, the task of selecting one can be enormous. When choosing one, you want to make sure that it is not hazardous to your property, especially to your loved ones and your vehicle that will be passing through. Are these things really that safe?

Built-In Sensors

Most gates come with a built-in measure like a sliding gate safety sensor. The sensor will either stop the opening or closing process or reverse the opening or closing when it senses an obstacle. For example, as the gate is closing, your young children attempt to run onto your property. The sensor would detect this and automatically stop or reverse the closing process.

Different Safety Devices

There are a few common safety features in use today. The most common are the photo-eye, the miller edge and the loop sensor. The photo-eye sends a signal back and forth across your driveway that, when broken, will signal a reversal. This is a great feature if you have kids and pets. The swing gate safety loop sensor is more common on commercial properties. It is installed under a driveway to detect a vehicle. A long piece of rubber is installed on the edge of your door and is activated by touch. This is the miller edge. Once touched, the sensor sends the signal for reversal. Each one of these will keep you, your family, and your vehicles more safe.

Safety and Security

Having wrought iron gates or a steel gate adds a level of security to your property. You feel safer. You also add an element of privacy with a new gate installation. With all of the safety features available, you can feel comfortable knowing you and your loved ones will be safe and secure.

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