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Electric Gate

Our Automatic Gate Repair Sunland is a company that can do it all. Gate services are what we are all about. Every one of our technicians is well trained in all areas of gate services. There is not a gate service that we cannot do. From installations to repairs we are the company for you.

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Gate Installation

Do you have a driveway gate? Are you interested in getting a driveway gate? If you live in the area of Sunland, California then there is only one choice when you need a gate company and that is our company at Sunland Automatic Gate Repair.

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Swing Gate

Some of the very famous places in Los Angeles include the beautiful Sunland city. This is a place where you can visit and enjoy the unique scenery. It can be an outing for two or it can be a family or peer visit to the site that are in Sunland.

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Gate Repair Sunland

We one of the leading providers of quality gate repair services in California who offer the best when it comes to installations, maintenance and repairs of all kinds of gates and their parts. Whether you have a sliding or swinging gate, we have just what you need to keep it running.

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We are a professional electric gate repair company who also deals with installations, servicing and maintenance of all kinds and brands of driveway gates. Whether you need work on a swing or sliding gates, we have the experience, knowledge and tools to get the job perfectly done on every call.

Fast Gate Welding Service, Hinge Repair & Opener Maintenance

If you browse in our website, you will realize that our contractors provide a great variety of services and are experts in all gate residential and commercial systems. We provide maintenance, emergency repairs and intercom installation.

Our service guarantees are customers that we will always be here for them. This is our 24 hour emergency gate service. Whether you need a custom made gate or a driveway gate opener, we are the company for you.


Gate Repair Sunland 24/7 Services


The professional team of our business specializes in rolling and swing gate operator systems plus offers great gate intercom repair and installation services. Since gate openers have vital importance for people's safety, service them fast. Everyone depends on our immense knowledge, which ensures our ability to install and repair operators by all big brands. If you have a Viking opener, contact us for either maintenance or repairs. We are familiar with all gate operating systems by this brand and offer full services. From gate clicker programming to opener replacement, our technicians are efficient, thorough, troubleshoot the system meticulously, and the time of their response during emergencies is fast. We are also experts in intercoms, making sure problems are solved, and the entire access along with operating gate system works at its best.

In case that you are looking for a driveway gate opener in Sunland then we are the company for you. We supply and install driveway gate openers for all of our commercial and residential customers. Driveway gate openers make life a lot easier for anyone having a gate on their property. We also will do troubleshooting and do all repairs you may need on a gate that you already have. Our installation contractor will come out and replace or install any of the following openers for you:Gate Repair Sunland,CA

  •     RENO
  •     ELITE
  •     DOORKING
  •     All O MATIC
  •     GTO PRO
  •     EAGLE
  •     RAMSET
  •     FAAC
  •     LINEAR
  •     VIKING

Our Automatic Gate Repair Sunland specializes in wrought iron fences, custom made fences that are customized exactly how our customers want them made. We let our customers decide on everything from the picket fences to ornamental work. Whether they are house fences or commercial fences, you can make them look how you want them to. We are a driveway gate contractor who does some of the best iron work around. Here is a list of our iron work that we do.

  •     Pool Enclosures
  •     Security Doors
  •     Doors/Gates
  •     Window Guards
  •     Guards & Railings
  •     Retaining Walls
  •     Pipe Corrals
  •     Fences
  •     Cages
  •     Railings
  •     Dog Runs

Custom made gates in Sunland is a service we provide with a smile. We can do all of the following fences for both commercial and residential properties, such as: wrought iron gates, overhead gates, sliding gates, swing gates, walk throw gates, driveway gates, iron gates custom made pedestrian gates, , electric gates, barrier arm gate, automatic driveway gates and parking garage gates. If you would like one of these custom made gates call our Automatic Gate Repair Sunland today.

Gate repair & install is a must for all driveway gate contractors in Sunland. Our Automatic Gate Repair Sunland is no different. We know these are services that we must provide. And we do them well. Our company is keen to offer to our customers a long list of install, maintain and repair services that covers the msot important garage door repair commercial and residential services: install gate motor on existing gate, safety gate sensor repair install, gate track repair, new installation of devices and gate openers, broken gate repair. In addition, we do a lot of phone entry intercoms services, for residential and commercial customers, using mainly the LINEAR, ELITE and DOORKING programming service.

Our Automatic Gate Repair Sunland is a licensed, bonded and insured company. This is important to know because it shows that we are a reputable company. We do quality work with only professional gate service. We are the best driveway gate contractor around. Our contact information is below.

Parking Garage Gate Services

The full set of parking garage gate services includes installation, repair, maintenance and replacement. Installation involves the setup, connection and adjustment of all components from the panels and hardware parts to the opener, detectors and safety sensors. It includes programming of keypads and remote controls as well. Parking gate repair involves the fixing of damaged and malfunctioning components. The different solutions range from sliding gate track straightening to fixing the welding of swing gate hinges. When the damage is beyond repair, the component is replaced with a new one that has the same specifications. In case the circuit board of an opener is completely damaged, for example, it is replaced. Maintenance includes cleaning, lubrication of the moving metal parts and repainting of the panels. Inspections and tests are carried out for identifying issues so that they are resolved timely. Gate replacement involves the removal of all existing components and the installation of a brand new system.

The professionals of our company are experienced with all Ramset gate openers and their accessories and provide excellent services. Thanks to our knowledge and long years of working in the field, we promise proficiency in gate opener service, repairs and installation. We have the knowhow to take care of any problem related to gate operators, specialize in this brand and make sure the right adjustments are made so that you can enjoy fast access and also safe operation. We are familiar with all models produced by this company and have the capacity as well as the equipment to repair parts, maintain the whole system, adjust the sensitivity of the operator and replace the existing one with a new one. We guarantee fast response if you are dealing with urgent.

Gate Clicker Repair, Programming & Replacement Services

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