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The best tips for security gate repair!

Fresh ideas about gate maintenance procedures and services!

Gate maintenance for secure homes

Don't disregard the importance of a maintenance service because gates can really protect you and ensure security when they are repaired on time. Make sure the sliding gate safety sensor is in excellent condition, the gate clicker works properly, the opener is working at its full capacity and the whole mechanism as well as the material of the gate taken care of periodically and not only when damaged.

Reinforce home security with good gates

Your wrought iron gates are the first line of defense in Sunland. It is prudent to maintain them often and engage in gate repair when some parts are damaged or worn. You can also install cameras to control your home's perimeter and phone enter system to have full knowledge of the people you are letting in your property. Naturally, you will need a good gate clicker, too.

Check how much weight replacement gate wheels can bear

This will give you a clear idea of whether a wheel will be able to work properly with your unit. To determine your individual requirement, divide the gate’s total weight by the number of wheels it uses. In general, the more weight a wheel can bear, the stronger it is, all other things being equal.

Why painting the gates is significant?

Fortunately, today’s gates are mostly made out of galvanized materials and, thus, they don't rust. However, most wrought iron gates will last only for several years, depending on the weather conditions and level of moisture at your location in Sunland, after that, they will start eroding quickly. Mold would grow on the wood panels and you will need to scrub the surface well before the problem expands, to repaint them for protection. Don't forget that gate repair is equally important.

Clean the tracks regularly

For sliding gates with tracks, keeping the tracks clean is very important. Sludge builds over time as dust and dirt get caught with the lubricating agent. This can eventually solidify and cause jams, and forcing a jam could break the sliding gate or the tracks. Avoid this by cleaning the tracks and the wheels regularly and thoroughly.

Advantages of using a metal gate

Using a metal gate is less expensive. Apart from that, it is very easy to maintain compared to a wooden gate since it is not easily affected by natural elements or pests and insects. It is also strong and durable and blends in easily with its surroundings.

Make sure the gate post is stable

If the posts that support your gate move, the gate latch might not align with it properly. In extreme cases the gate might collapse.

A specially formulated sealant is the best choice of material for covering gate loops

This type of sealant fills all the gaps between the wire and slot and makes the driveway perfectly even once again. It works more effectively, compared to loose asphalt fill which is commonly used, and it also lasts longer. The really great thing is that it comes in asphalt color. There are also products in concrete color available.

Measure the sag of the sliding gate chain as part of maintenance

A sag of around 2 inches is what is considered to be normal for gates which are between 12 and 16 feet long. If the sag is smaller or greater, the chain’s tension should be adjusted. There are special tensioners designed for the purpose. There is one at the end of each chain.

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