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Our Testimonials

Looking for a reliable local company to fix your gate? We are your team! Read on for testimonials written by our customers to find out what they had to say about our service. Learn from their experience to know how we can help you too!

Emergency Gate Repair Service

A real pro fixed our front gate

“When our beautiful front gate stopped working this morning, I called Gate Repair Sunland because everybody I know says they are the experts when it comes to fixing anything wrong with the gates at your home. Well, I think they must have sent out probably the best service guy in town! He was right on schedule, very friendly, and he figured out quickly that one of the hinges holding the gate in place broke after getting completely rusty. He replaced it with the exact right size and type in just a matter of minutes and now our gates are working great again. What fantastic service. Really professional when you need it.”

Repaired a broken hinge quickly

“I had to call the experts at Gate Repair Sunland this morning because our beautiful side gate was starting to stick in its track. The service guy they sent out diagnosed the problem in just a few minutes as a broken hinge that was causing the gate to be unstable. He fixed the problem in quick fashion by doing some welding right there on the spot. Now my gate works just like new again. I was truly amazed at how fast they got somebody out to see us and how quickly the guy could fix the problem. I would highly recommend this company for any sort of gate repair.”

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