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Common problems raise questions and we have managed to gather the best gate repair and maintenance answers to make your life easier. We can help you decide on new gates, enlightened you about significant subjects related to your gates and intercom systems.

What are the things to consider in choosing a gate?

Gates serve many purposes. You should choose your gates carefully. According to experts at Gate Repair Sunland, when choosing the right gate you should take into consideration what you want it for. Some have gates installed to add beauty to their premise and of course security and safety goes with the beauty they would want. Take into consideration the soil setting, size, material and cost that are within your budget.

Is it possible to automate existing manually operated gates?

Your existing manually operated gates can be automated but there are some factors to consider first. You have to check if your existing gates were installed well and they are still in good condition. Check the pillars and posts and make certain that the framework can carry additional mechanisms. Make sure that the symmetry of the hinges is compatible with the constraints of performance of the equipments to be installed.

What is the difference between a reversible and irreversible gate motor?

A non-locking or reversible gate motor allows the automatic gate to be released manually in case there is no power. In a locking gate or irreversible gate motor this does not usually happen due to the presence of a hydraulic valve or just the way the motors and gears are linked.

Why are intercom systems a must?

Apart from being convenient, gate intercom systems will enhance your safety. There are many variations among different brands but you can certainly choose to program intercom systems, which allow both verbal and visual communication with the visitor. This way, you will know who you're letting in.

Are there differences among openers?

There are several differences among residential gate openers depending on what kind of gate you have installed. Depending on its weight and requirements, you will need openers of different horsepower and the proper entrapment sensing devices. The speed of the gate will also depend on the motor.

What do you need to know about automatic gates?

Before deciding on an automatic gate opener installation, you must make sure that you understand what an automatic gate really means. Our gate experts in Sunland notice how many tend to have the wrong expectations in automatic gates. For example, not many know that there are manual overrides for automatic gates.

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