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How Automatic Gates Can Help Protect Your Home

11/12/2013 Back To Blog

Statistics show that intruders and thieves are more likely to enter homes which are easier to access. Usually this means accessing the property straight through the main gate. This is the main reason why many homeowners are considering gate opener installation to strengthen their home defenses. There are a number of different designs and types of automatic gate. The most commonly installed for security purposes are solid sliding gates, which require a minimum amount of space and move on a track. These can also have a sliding gate safety sensor incorporated to prevent accidents or injuries while the device is moving.

The chosen style should complement the aesthetics of your home and enhance your property’s curb appeal. Although wooden models are available, many homeowners prefer the strength and durability of steel or iron gates. These require a minimal amount of maintenance service but can dramatically enhance the security of your property.

There are models available which offer keypad entry or access via gate remote. This provides additional security and safety since it can deter potential intruders, reduce the irritation of cold callers visiting your home and prevent children or family pets from wandering off the property. Research has shown that thieves tend to trespass on properties which appear to be easier targets. Many enter the property through the main gate, so an automated barrier can restrict their access and deter most criminals from stealing from your home or vehicle. Cold callers cannot gain access to your home without being allowed access through the gates. This ensures that you receive no unexpected visitors at your door especially at inconvenient times.

These types of automated barriers can be used to secure any area of your property.

They can be used to strengthen the security of your perimeter or separate potential danger areas such as pools from the rest of the yard to make safe playing areas for children.

Automated models are available to suit the requirements of each individual property. Take a little time to research the options and you may be pleasantly surprised at how beneficial they are to the protection of your home.

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